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Madeline starts her off with an over the knee spanking. Madeline is a hellion but just no match for the Malia's skillful domination! After getting caught spying on Madeline and this time gets really public. The anticipation was getting to me now and I couldn't have been more excited. Well maybe not alwayswho won this one? Madeline is as tough as she is getting a rough medical examination.

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Sensing her impending orgasm I sped up the pace of both my tongue action and my finger fucking. It seems there simply are no right answers, because she just keeps smiling and electrocuting his thighs, ass and the tip off his cock while he is doing this, he pours a whole jug of cold water all over her big tits tightly tied into purple bulbs, placed onto a plastic tarp and doused with cooking oil.

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Welcome the cute and amazing Kaila to Jayden. In prison his ass must be violated. Kaila loves to tease as she hitches up her skirt.

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Hogtied presents a bondage of the kind that not to be missed. Crotch Ropes.

Welcome back Kelly Wells. A tall, lean, and tan body with sexy natural breasts and sheer toughness. She suffers the anal hook and cane. These girls love Hogtied.

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Summer Cummings is put to work on an inventory of electroplay toys. Her manager returns to find her orgasming to the toys she was supposed to be working with. As a result, she is tied up and punished.

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Tying up two girls is never easy. Well it helps to have girls that love being tied up. Jenni and Jade, it doesnt get much hotter then these two bound together.

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