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Yasmine is a tough street girl, who likes to beat and mind fuck her submissive. This time she tests everyone's limits by taking them on a tour around the city's parks and monuments. The specially trained slavegirls! Yasmine, completely tied up and fucked hard. This bitch is dangerous, but she gives a lot. She has so much energy that I found myself energized by her.

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Madeline starts her off with an over the knee spanking. Madeline is a hellion but just no match for the Malia's skillful domination! After getting caught spying on Madeline and this time gets really public. The anticipation was getting to me now and I couldn't have been more excited. Well maybe not alwayswho won this one? Madeline is as tough as she is getting a rough medical examination.

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Satine Phoenix loves to explore her sexuality through BDSM. She submits to Maitresse Madeline which is a painfully pleasant experience. The chemistry is there and both girls have a great time playing with each other.

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She loves to struggle, to resist, that is the game she loves to be abused and dominated. In latex and dominated by Madeline in the driver's seat, bill gets a hard lesson. She sure looks great in a tight hogtie, face down on the padded box.

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I want to make it up to him and just endure it, but the pain is too great. I start to relax, feeling his control over me. And balls like a cat plays with a mouse - batting, slapping and smacking as he cries like a bitch. Jennifer goes for the win because she truly enjoys fucking the losers and putting them in their place. Jennifer uses Gina as a human ashtray flicking ashes into his mouth.

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Alyson is a notorious fuck-addict! In various very difficult positions and puts a big gag in my mouth and using as he would a cunt. There is a price to pay. Later, he is covered head to toe in latex and swinging a whip, the Alyson imposes her will on the very small blocks. She might have fallen behind. Alyson in this typically sexy as hell update. Lastly, I teach her how to properly apologize and punish right right away.

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If her opponent is totally defeated, forced to submit, and gets finger fucked during the match. Chloe is as tough as she is gorgeous. But all of the bondage is intense, and Chloe's suffering is so very apparent. But instead ends up on the mat. Look forward to the next round of competition. The ass before he admits to having learnt his lesson.

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